Powering Conversational Experiences

A Conversational Data Platform to drive sales, improve marketing and provide better service.

Over 5,000+ businesses trust Airy

Drive Results with Messaging.
For Marketing, Sales and Service.

Customer Acquisition

Capture, qualify & convert leads automatically & cheaper.

“Airy continuously helps us get more value out of
Messenger marketing and service, driving our customer
acquisition costs down by 50%.”

Marcus Adam, Head of Marketing and Music, John Reed Fitness

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Customer Engagement

Drive unprecedented engagement that your customers will love.

“Airy helped us automate and customize all
interactions happening via Messenger.”

Angela Schoeffel, Team Lead Content & Social Media, ZooRoyal

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Customer Service

Automate for happier Customers
at lower Cost.

“Airy helped us completely automate our FAQs, so that
customers instantly have access to the information
they need and our support team has more time.”

Tom Doulos, VP, Customer Experience, Endy

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Launch Google’s Business Messages
with Airy

Discover Next Generation Messaging.
With Facebook, Google, SMS, WhatsApp & Co.

Conversation Starters

Messaging with Customers – made easy

Make it easy for your existing and new customers to get in touch and start valuable messaging conversations. Use Airy to generate conversational leads with Facebook or Instagram ads. Capture and convert organic traffic on your website or checkout pages. It’s all about starting conversations.

The image shows that Airy is and has the badges Marketing Partner for Facebook, Instagram and Google

From Bots to AI

The most important thing is a flawless customer experience. We automatically structure messaging traffic for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service with no margin for error. Over time our system learns and improves, when it is unsure, it hands over to you or your teams.

An automation template shows three options "Shop Now", "News & Offers" and "Customer Service" after the user's interaction, three ways appear "Shop", "Thanks for subscribing" and "FAQ".
Apps for Teams

Supercharged with a Human Touch

Even the best automations sometimes need a human touch. Our unified inbox helps marketers reach customers better. Sales teams can answer and close leads faster. And service teams delight customers with messaging templates that not only improve customer satisfaction, but save valuable time and money. Airy’s Apps are available everywhere, on web and mobile, on iOS and Android, and perfectly in sync with all automations.


Connected to the Tools You Love

Powerful integrations to acquire, engage and serve your customers. No matter if it is via Airy, our API, Salesforce or Zendesk, your new customer experience will be outstanding.

The image shows possibles apps that can integrate to Airy, like SalesForce, Zendesk, Strripe, SAP, Shopify and Microsoft

Simply Engaging

Keep conversations going with personalized and interactive messages, segmented to reach the right customer at the right time. Customers love relevance and convenience. With your first campaign, you will see yourself outperform email campaigns by up to 4x, and increase your Marketing ROI up to 8x over traditional social media.

A template with an image saying "Flash Deals" from Facebook that has three buttons "More info", "Shop Now" and "Manage Subscription" with reactions of Love and Likes from Facebook.

Airy Can Connect Everyone, Everywhere
According to Your Needs

Airy is Available Everywhere

Stay mobile while taking advantage of a larger interface with Airy’s tablet applications.


Easily integrate teams working with large messaging volumes using Airy’s web application.


Stay close to your customers when you’re on-the-go with Airy’s mobile applications.