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Find out how Airy helped Canada’s leading online mattress brand set up automated customer support via Messenger to build a personalized, seamless customer experience while cutting social care costs by 50%.

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Messenger First Response Rate
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Lower Social Care Costs
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CSAT Score
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“Airy helped us completely automate our FAQs, so that customers instantly have access to the information they need, and our support team has more time to take care of unique requests. Bottom line, Airy automations allow us to systematically drive higher customer and employee satisfaction in all cases.”

Endy COO Tom, advocate of automated customer support for Endy.
Tom Doulos
VP, Customer Experience, Endy

Canada’s Leading Online Mattress Brand

As one of the largest Shopify stores in Canada, Endy delivers its trademark foam technology mattress straight to customers’ doors. Since 2015, nearly 200,000 Endy mattresses have been sold, supported by an ever-growing, loyal customer base. Endy, well aware that customizable comfort is key to a good night’s sleep, wanted to provide the same sense of comfort and personalization during the pre- and post-order process.

automated customer support

The Goal:
A Customer Experience as Remarkable as the Endy Mattress

Receiving thousands of customer service tickets per month, most of which were FAQ- and shipping-related, Endy agents responded rapidly, efficiently and accurately to each request. As demand continued to increase, Endy wanted to maintain the same level of service and decided to enlist Airy’s help to build a personalized, yet fully automated customer support solution, both pre and post- sale.

Endy’s goals were to deliver the best customer experience possible in a personal channel, fully automate FAQs, improve Messenger response rates and cut down on a costly channel mix. Airy suggested implementing custom automations to accompany users along their journey to purchase – and beyond.

Airy’s Solution for Automated Customer Support: Harnessing the Connectivity of Facebook Messenger

Airy developed chatbot plugins tailored to the Endy website and Facebook page, which sync with users’ Messenger accounts when they are logged in. As a result, this allowed for customer-brand communication in a familiar environment for all Facebook users.

Airy developed the following pre-sales support tools:

  • An automated receptionist picking up all inbound customer messages, ensuring a 100% response rate without human interaction.
  • Automated pre-purchase FAQ filtering out simple questions, such as “where do you ship?”
  • A seamless handover to human agents in complex cases. All conversations are collected in the Airy Inbox, with Zendesk integration.

To enhance the post-sales process, Airy created:

  • Order updates on Messenger. As Endy dispatches packages, customers get timely status updates, reducing their likelihood of contacting the staff.
  • Instant, automated answers to post-purchase FAQs allowing customers to receive answers to many practical matters, including instructions on how to unbox and care for their Endy mattress.
automated customer support

The Results

By implementing tailor-made website and Messenger automations, Endy’s customer experience goals were not only achieved, but also led to a positive impact on related costs. 

Immediate, first message response rate rose to 100%. Thanks to the instant availability of FAQs, social care ticket volume decreased by 50%, freeing up Endy’s support agents to look into unique requests. 

Perhaps most importantly, customer satisfaction increased, as demonstrated by Endy’s consistent CSAT (customer satisfaction) score of 90% and higher. This goes to show that the strategic use of automated customer support not only makes the purchasing process more seamless, but also drives significant increases in customer happiness and loyalty. 

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