How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager and Create an Ad Account

Setting up Facebook Business Manager can be complicated, but with this easy-to-follow guide it's simple.
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June 28, 2019

Written by Mason Mitchel

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  • How to set up Facebook Business Manager
  • How to set up Facebook Ads Account
  • How to invite employees to Facebook Business Manager

If you plan to invite employees to help manage your company’s Facebook page, you’ll need to set up a Business Manager account. If you plan on running advertisements on Facebook, you’ll need to create an Ad Account. To get started, follow the steps below.

Before signing up, make sure that you have the following information ready: Your business’ physical address, website, phone number, email address, and a payment method to enter and keep on file for all future ad campaigns.

Creating a Business Manager Account

1) Login to your Facebook account. Then open a second tab and go to the following address.

If the page looks like this, you don’t have an account and need to proceed to the next step.

If the page looks like this, you already have an account. Proceed to the next section: Add a Facebook Page to Business Manager

2) Click blue Create Account button. Add the name of your business (it should be the same as the one listed on your Facebook page), your name, and your business email.

Screenshot of the sign up landing page for Facebook Business Manager.

3) Add business details and then click submit.

Screenshot of where users add business details to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

4) Confirm your email address.

You'll need to confirm your Business Manager Account via the link Facebook sends to your email.

Add a Facebook Page to Business Manager

1) Click the blue Business Settings button in the top right corner. 

Screenshot of the process for setting up Facebook Business Manager. Click the blue "Business Settings" button to proceed to the next step.

2) Under the Accounts section on the left hand side, click Pages, click Add and then choose the first option―Add a Page.

Screenshot of the stage in setting up a Business Manager account where users add a page to their account.

Create an Ad Account 

1)Next, under the Accounts section click on Ad Accounts, then click Add and choose the Create a New Ad Account option.

To set up a new ad account in Business Manager, clicl on "ad accounts" and then "add" and then "create a new ad account."

2) Add the name of your business, your time zone, and preferred currency.

You'll need to enter a name for your ad account, the time zone, currency, and payment method.

3) Select the following option: This account will be used for my business.

When asked what this ad account will be used for, select "My business."

3) Add people and set permissions.

Select the people in your organization who will be allowed to work on the ad account and what permissions they'll have.

4) Now you’ll need to enter payment information for all future ad campaigns .Click on the Payments tab on the bottom left hand side of the screen and add a payment method.

In order to create your ad account, you'll need to store a payment method.

Invite Employees to Manage Pages and Ad Accounts

1) Go the the Users column, select People. Click on Add under the People column. Enter an email address, choose whether they’ll have Employee or Admin rights.

To allow employees to manage pages and ad accounts, add their name, ID, or email address and then assign them a business role--either employee or admin access.

2) On the next screen, you can assign employees access to Pages and/or Ad Accounts. You can also choose which permissions they’ll have under the Set Permissions column. Once you’ve finalized your decision, click Invite to finish the process.

You can choose which pages your employees will have access to, as well as which permissions they'll have.
Assign access to Pages and set corresponding permissions.
Like Page access, you can assign employees Ad Account access and corresponding permissions.
Assign access to Ad Accounts and set corresponding permissions.


Your Facebook Business Manager an Ad Accounts are now ready for use. If you’d like to invite an outside partner like a marketing agency or social media professional to help manage your account, check out instructions on how to do so here.

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