How to Install a Facebook Chat Plugin on Squarespace

Make your Squarespace page even more dynamic by adding a Facebook customer chat plugin.
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May 27, 2019

Written by Mason Mitchel

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  • How to install Facebook customer chat plugin on Squarespace

One simple and effective way to boost customer engagement is to add a Facebook Messenger chat plugin to your website.

You’ll need to have a business or commerce plan in order to install the Facebook chat plugin for Squarespace.

1) Navigate to your organization’s Facebook page and select “Settings” in the menu on the top right. Next, click on “Messenger Platform” and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of Facebook Business Manager.

2) Here you’ll find the “Customer Chat Plugin” option. Click the “Set Up” box to the right.

Screenshot of the "Set Up" step of installing the Facebook customer chat plugin.

3) A window with the headline “Set Up Customer Chat” will pop up. Here you can choose your language settings, as well as the default greeting that’s displayed when visitors to your site message you.

4) The next step will allow you to choose custom colors for your plugin to match your site or brand’s aesthetic. This step is optional.

5) Now you’ll need to enter the complete address of your company’s website in the top left corner of the window. Copy the code on the righthand side of the screen.

Screenshot of code snippet required to install Facebook chat plugin on websites.

6) Go to your Squarespace dashboard and click on “Settings.”

Screenshot of step one of adding a Facebook chat plugin to Squarespace.

7) Click on “Advanced” in the bottom righthand corner of the screen.

Screenshot of Facebook Chat Plugin Step 2

8) Select “Code injection.”

Screenshot of Squarespace Facebook Chat Plugin Step 3

9) Insert the Facebook code snippet that you obtained in Facebook Business Manager earlier.

Screenshot of Squarespace Facebook Chat Plugin Installation Step 4

10) Press “Save” and refresh the browser. You should now be able to see the customer chat plugin.


Adding a Facebook Messenger plugin to your site will be sure to help you establish more meaningful relationships with your customers through messaging. Simply adding the plugin won’t be enough, though! Be sure to spread the word and let everyone know that you can be easily reached on Messenger.

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